Memo to self

October 16, 2007

Before we left the office I said to Matt “The last thing I must do is forget my laptop power cord” so naturally the last thing I did was forget the power cord. Sigh. So here I am using the Marriott in Melbourne’s business centre typing on a flat ugly little keyboard feeling my carpels tunneling, or whatever it is that carpels do.

However, I have homework to do (memo to self II: when booking courses look for ones that don’t have homework) so I’m here at 0717 typing away.

The homework is easy enough – blog about what we’ve learned about blogging. Can you feel the irony? Is this post-modern posting (and has that joke been done already? I shall google for it later) or just an excuse for me to jump on the net?

So what have I learned? It’s been more about confirmation than straight out learning for the most part. I had these various ideas (for want of a better term) about blogs and social media. I’ve been dabbling in it for a while and slowly drawing together my thoughts on a Strategy for the bosses and what these guys have done is confirm that yes, it’s a growing area; yes, it’s important from a corporate point of view and yes, Yes, YES it’s bags of fun.

Corporate wise, I’m thinking we’ll need to discuss blogs and podcasts in the first instance. Podcasting should be good for internal comms because we already have a radio station (ahem) and it’s used in a haphazzard way to talk to the staff (in particular the call centre staff). We can fix that. Matt has the skilz (he’s a l33t HaXor even though my phone number is 72 1337 which really makes me the l33t one) and we can be interviewing staff, both upstairs and below, and letting everyone have access to it. The sales teams will like it too and since the company does have a radio communication network we could even ‘cast it out to the masses to their mobiles! Gasp!

Blogging is probably something we would look at for external comms and frankly I’m giving serious thought to recommending we let any staff member set up a blog and we’ll host it and they can build that community in a similar way to Sun Microsystem’s approach.

But that’s a (sorry) balls out approach and I’m not sure I can convince anyone that throwing away control over what our staff say (even though that control doesn’t actually exist and isn’t even a guideline at the moment) in a public forum is a Good Thing (TM).

But what an opportunity. From a purely selfish point of view we’d get media coverage out of it. We should be seen to be thought leaders on this, we should be cutting edge. From a comms point of view it’s exciting and scary and I tend to think we should do those things rather than avoid them, but that might be purely an emotional reaction rather than a thought-out response. I tend towards the “if it won’t help to slow down, pour it on” school of thought which gets me out of more trouble than it gets me in but isn’t necessarily the best thing for a corporation to adopt.

Today is the second (and last) day of the workshop so I’m hoping we can have a good look at responding to other people’s blogs (something I do a lot of) and managing that process. I’m not sure if any of the other attendees want to have a conversation about blogs as a customer service tool (got a problem with your xxx? Log on and ask for help) but I’ll see if we can get that off the ground as well.

And I must get a copy of that video clip off Lee’s site. HR will love that. Blogs and YouTube as recruitment tool. Nice.


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  1. mysparetime1977 Says:

    You girly swot doing your homework!

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