November 1, 2007

I haven’t been a gamer for more than a year now. I don’t miss it. No, no I don’t.

Back in the day (love saying that) I played Half Life, HL2 and of course the satanic offspring, CounterStrike.

The astute among you will realise that the link for HL2 is not HL2 but is in fact the uber-cool HL2 Portal. Insert drooling Homer sound here.

Eventually I moved on. I grew as a person and tackled Shogun and Medieval and then Rome: Total War and I realised something fairly fundamental: I am not a strategic commander of armies… instead I am a grunt.

And now Call of Duty 4 has come out and I’m missing out and for some reason that burns more than not being able to play Bioshock burns. Bah.

So here’s the trailer for COD4. Ain’t no fish in this one.


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