We’re selling the cot

November 5, 2007

It’s been a good cot. Lovely warm, beeswax rubbed wood. Tasty, too, looking at the way it’s been used as a teething ring. Nice. Easy to build (that’s important) and easy to dismantle and reconfigure… and now it’s going.

It’s a bit sad, but then I know how cool the new bunkbeds look and how the girls are enjoying those. Of course, the instructions for the bunkbeds do say “Nobody under the age of six shall sleep in these bunkbeds” and neither child quite makes it to six just yet but hey, it’ll sort the wheat out from the chaff as it were. So it’s not all bad.

Having linked to the Skydeck cartoons for marketing in an earlier post, I thought I’d stick this one in here. It’s very right. Also, Sarah at Porter Novelli is off to have her baby soon and we’re having lunch tomorrow to wish her well and she doesn’t need to see things like that. Don’t look, Sarah. Don’t look!


So Matt East beat me to 100 views. He even beat me to 300, but it was much closer.

But will he beat me to 1000? I think NOT baby puppy. No no, Matt’s blog has only one drawcard (mind you, it is a good one) and that’s David Diprose having his moustache shaved off.

Still, hat’s off to Matt. He clearly knows his audience and if a picture’s worth a thousand words, a YouTube video clip is clearly worth 300 views.

And to prove it, here’s David becoming Shaun.

Principal’s Award

November 5, 2007

So I just got a call from my eldest daughter (five and a half going on 21) who has been sent to the principal’s office at school.

Oh Noes!

But fear not, she isn’t following in her father’s stellar yet somewhat wayward footsteps with regard to the schooling system. Instead, she got an award for her writing.

This is her second such award – the first one was for writing LOTS of creative stories. I can’t tell you how cool that is.

This one is about her new bunkbed and how she’s sharing with her little sister but she has the top bunk.

She’s taking the whole “being the big sister and being responsible” thing quite seriously which is so lovely to see. There’s the odd slip, but she’s just loving it. She’s even making her little sister welcome in what was previously Her Room And Sanctuary, so that’s cool.

Now to get her little sister to sleep through the night without demanding to go back to her room (which now houses the computer). It’s a work in progress.

(welcome all from Porter Novelli, stay a while, click on a few things, tell your friends, get Jane to authorise it etc) I have decided to post a more thoughtful, well-rounded intelligent discussion on marketing trends, public relations and the social benefits of such a charming and thoughtful company…

But I can’t. So, instead here’s a link to my favourite cartoon on creative criticism: Sky Deck Cartoons.

Feel free to forward on the link, OK? Ahem.