First to 100, First to 300 but is he first to 1000?

November 5, 2007

So Matt East beat me to 100 views. He even beat me to 300, but it was much closer.

But will he beat me to 1000? I think NOT baby puppy. No no, Matt’s blog has only one drawcard (mind you, it is a good one) and that’s David Diprose having his moustache shaved off.

Still, hat’s off to Matt. He clearly knows his audience and if a picture’s worth a thousand words, a YouTube video clip is clearly worth 300 views.

And to prove it, here’s David becoming Shaun.


4 Responses to “First to 100, First to 300 but is he first to 1000?”

  1. mysparetime1977 Says:

    I didn’t think you’d stoop that low, I should have copyrighted that puppy! It’s all good though, you probably will beat me to 1000 considering I’ll be in the middle of the Kaimais with no power, no laptop, no internet for five days this week. I think I’ve got the better deal though, I get to hunt, shoot and rough it for five days. you get to go to work…and work (not blog!)

  2. Mysterious Dave Mathers Says:

    At a casual glance, I believe that you have mis-spelt shorn.

    Surely the creative copyright of the clip would reside in David, as the grower of the moustache in question. Has anyone consulted him?

  3. audent Says:

    Shorn the sheep! Ahahahahahaha. Sorry.

    Speaking of which, I do like the new Aardman Animation series Shaun the sheep. A nice distraction while I wait for the new Wallace and Gromit film.

    As the owner of the moustache I feel that David has automatically abandoned any rights not only to copyright, trade marking and/or patent over said hairy lip but also his rights to any privacy regarding said lip whatsoever.

  4. […] I attended it with my colleague (who has subsequently left Vodafone), his WordPress blog as a little slower to get off the mark than mine, however he keep up with it and did indeed win the race to 1000 views (he’s well […]

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