Sites my daughters like

November 6, 2007

Being five and a half and two and a half, and having never known a world without a broadband connection and one if not two computers in the house, my daughters have very strong views on the interweb and its series of tubes.

Favourite of all favourite sites is the Nick Jr site, and Dora the Explorer in particular. The stories are cool and the games are quite straightforward, though I would like to see a few more aimed at those that can’t read yet. Click on the “playtime” tag to get to the flash games.

Repeat visits to see the Badgers have left an indelible impression on my younger daughter. Both of them can quote at length from the Cup animation but the littlest one likes to shout “NO BEES” at inappropriate moments, followed by a healthy chuckle.

My favourite though has to be the Singing Horses. There’s something about trying to get the horses to sing in harmony that really appeals to me. They seem to like it too (the daughters, not the horses).