Pulled elbow

November 7, 2007

Well that was an interesting evening. At 7pm (bedtime) eldest daughter gave youngest daughter a vigorous hug. Tears ensued. Many tears. Wailing. This is not how youngest daughter typically handles being vigorously hugged. Ten minutes later we were packing her and her mum into the car for the short (1km) trip to the local medical centre.

Half an hour later they were back – youngest daughter with her elbow having been relocated back into its proper place. OW!

Apparently a dislocated elbow is not uncommon in children under three. It’s more common in girls and typically in the left elbow! Right on all three counts.

You can learn more about dislocated elbows here (with pictures), here or here should you so wish.

Incidentally, my local doctor is great. We didn’t go to see Dion tonight because a: his surgery is miles away from where we live and b: it was after hours but really, if you need a GP in Auckland, go and see Dion. He never prescribes anything (“come back and see me in three days”) unnecessarily, so if you need something done, make an appointment with Paula instead ;-).

They help run a useful website called Family Doctor which is great if someone in your family has been diagnosed with something you’ve never heard of and you want to know more. A great starting point for any online research into basic medical matters.

Junior daughter is fast asleep having returned from the doc’s with a lollipop in hand. Through the tears and pain she asked for one for her big sister as well, which is just amazing really. Big sister was very upset about the whole affair but thankfully now they’re both fast asleep and all is right with the world.

The whole thing made me think of this cartoon on XKCD. I may be taking the whole blogging thing too far.


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