Beer in the butt chicken

November 8, 2007

For this recipe you’ll need one chicken, one can of beer, one terracotta flowerpot and one barbecue.

First, open the can of beer. Drink about a third of the can and place it on the as yet unheated hotplate of your barbecue.

Then, take your chicken. For this I recommend a size 16 free range chicken (the happiest of chickens).

Next, stick the beer can up its butt, open end uppermost. Hence, beer in the butt chicken. This can often times make your guests wince in some kind of chicken-loving sympathy. Ignore them and get that can of beer in there no matter how … organic it sounds.

Place the chicken on the hotplate resting on the beer can so it stands there in an amusing manner. Feel free to imagine the chicken with a little bowtie on. I always do. It helps to have a second can of beer in hand at this point, although this is not obligatory. Here, like this:

chicken (sans bowtie)

That’s right. She’s a dancin’ chicken.

Right, next step, place the terracotta pot over the top of the chicken and turn on the heat. Should take about two hours to cook, during which time there’s not much to do (resist the urge to check the chicken. Resist!) except drink beer. Oh, I suppose you could make the salad, but what are the odds?

Finally, when the time is up, raise the pot (beware the wave of heat/smoke from the chicken) and you should have a succulent, moist, cooked chicken (still standing amusingly on its beer can or, if you’ve let things go too long, falling apart around the can. Either way is fine – it’s still moist and succulent). You can check it in the usual manner: stick a pin in it and if it bleeds or squeals, it’s not quite ready.

The fun part now begins – no, not the eating. That’s next. First you have to remove the can (which is aluminium and therefore rather HOT) from the cavity. Good luck with that.

Finally you can slice, rip, rend, tear and devour the bird. Yum.

There will be naysayers around who suggest the cooking of the bird in such a way will infuse it with carcinogenic bits of beer can. I encourage this as it stops them from eating too much and leaves you free to scoff the lot.

Down here, summer’s a comin’ in. Yes, it’s soon to be barbecue season again. Crank ’em up!


One Response to “Beer in the butt chicken”

  1. karen Says:

    Cancer causing agents in the beercan? I’ve been oblivious to such sugestions.

    The mission now is to find an Australian beer that works…Bob always uses Tui I think. Actually, it’s a hot sun ny day here in Melbourne…perfect for a BBQ….I wonder where I could find a flower pot in the city…..

    Damn! I’m homesick all of a sudden!!

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