Would you like a Mercedes with that?

November 8, 2007

So part of my corporate job (not to be confused with my corporeal job) is to take journalists to lunch in fancy restaurants.

Yes, I know.

Yesterday my boss and I took a journo to The Grove restaurant in central Auckland. Note to The Grove folk, your website doesn’t show up in a Google of grove restaurant auckland… fortunately all the reviews that do show up are great.

I like The Grove, and not just because I can see the Herald’s offices from the window so I can shout and jeer and cross myself and spit a lot (although I do) but because the food is great and the staff are wonderful.

For instance, yesterday I ordered an entree of: Tortellini of goats curd and chives, smoked beetroot, baby peas, beetroot stock.

By the gods it was good.

But this is not a skite posting (for those unfamiliar with the term, to skite is to show off your good fortune (and luck really is a factor in all of this)). This is a posting to tell you all that the waitress brought us our drinks, told us about the specials and then said “And we have a number of Mercedes cars with drivers ready to take you back to work after your meal” which quite frankly is the best marketing I’ve seen in ages.

Sure enough, after a fabulous meal we were shown to the door where Georgie recognised both my boss and myself from Another Time and promptly ushered us towards a new E-class Merc.

You know in the movies when the billionaire bad guy walks towards his limo and the door is opened by a gorgeous female driver wearing the hat and jacket..? Yeah, that’s the one. She was there, in our car. Serious.

And she has a sense of humour, so after we started talking about the cars (I have some familiarity with the new C-Class AMG (WARNING: multimedia website) which is a car I would own (y’know, if I had $90k to drop on a car) and the awesomely lickable AMG CLS 63 (514 Brake Horsepower, $250k, forward facing radar…. good god, that car is gorgeous) I showed her how to turn off the traction control (well, as much as the Merc will let you) and she offered to “lay a patch” outside the office. But it was a bit wet so we declined.

Kudos to Mercedes and their PR team for thinking that one up. Kudos to The Grove for making it happen and kudos to me for picking The Grove for lunch. Made a wet Wednesday worth while.


2 Responses to “Would you like a Mercedes with that?”

  1. Mysterious Dave Mathers Says:

    What the Hell kind of resturant is that? Are you serious:this mob laid on a “Hot Chick” and E-class Merc for the trip home?

    How much did it cost? Or did the account get silenced by a corporate card?

  2. audent Says:

    The car and the chick were free… seriously! I think it was a promo just for Merc. it worked – I’m rushing out now to buy a C-Class.

    Not really, but I do now think kindly of them. đŸ˜‰

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