Best story of the day today

November 9, 2007

New Yorkers rally to help online Romeo

Call me an old-fashioned romantic but I do like a good boy meets girl story.

For web designer Patrick Moberg, 21, from Brooklyn, it was love at first sight when he locked eyes with a rosy-cheeked woman while riding in Manhattan on Sunday night. She was writing in her journal.

The train was so full that he lost her in the crowd when they both got off, so he set up a website dedicated to finding the mystery woman

It’s worked, turns out she’s an Aussie so it’s not perfect (heh) but I wish them well. And can I just say: ngawwwwww.



November 9, 2007

So my company (well, it’s not mine but I work here) has received emails from a group of concerned citizens outraged that we advertised during last night’s inaugural episode of Californication (here in New Zealand that is).

Californication is, as far as I can tell, trying very hard to be outrageous. You can tell, because the title includes the world “fornicat” if that can be said to be a word.

I’m quite happy with lobby groups lobbying. It’s what they do. I don’t mind if they call the TV station and the advertisers and say “I don’t like this”. It’s a free country, they can engage in free speech.

What I don’t understand is what they hope to achieve by this. The group wants the companies that advertise to stop supporting the show so the network pulls it.

Now, given that networks base their decisions on ratings, and advertisers base their decisions on ratings, and that the lobby groups are, in fact, driving traffic TO the show by jumping up and down and making such a fuss about it, WTF are they thinking?

If I was to advise said lobby group I’d say you pick a show that you do want aired and make damn sure (sorry, darn sure) that everyone you know watches that. That way the network orders a second season and everyone’s happy.

By drawing attention to a show you don’t want to get attention you really do shoot your plan in the foot.

Come to think of it, you can apply the same logic to the behaviour of just about anyone. Children/colleagues/employers/employees/family/friends. If you want them to do something again, be positive about it. If you want them to stop, ignore the bad behaviour.

By golly, I might just be onto something.