Why I hate bloggers

November 12, 2007

When I was a reporter, the work of columnist always seemed alluring. Columinsts could break the Golden Rule and be (wait for it) subjective.

That’s right, they could State their Opinion and generally be pompous.

By the time I was called on to write a column, I realised this isn’t actually as easy or as fun as it could be. Oh sure, some columns write themselves and you hardly need to any more than sit at the keyboard while the process takes place.

But other columns require a lot of actual (how to put this) thought. And care. And consideration. Particularly if you’re writing a column for an audience. Particularly if what you’re saying is going to be damaging to their reputation, as many columns can be.

Unfortunately, too many bloggers write off the cuff remarks with no second thought and presume to judge others without actually considering anything other than their own short-sighted needs. They’ve never been reporters, so they don’t know about fact gathering, or being objective, or being skeptical. Instead, they presume that because they have a blog and because they can type (not write) that they can somehow lord it over a particular discussion, or point of view or thread.

Sorry, I have just been involved in a project that was a long-time coming, was pulled off with remarkable aplomb on the part of the rest of the team, made several headlines and generally did what we’d hoped it would do (shake things up) and now I have to deal with the Bloggoratti who not only think they’re the last word in Truth and Justice but who are (in some instances) actually working for competitors to my company and  who don’t feel the need to mention that when slagging off my team.

It makes me a little terse.


2 Responses to “Why I hate bloggers”

  1. Mysterious Dave Mathers Says:

    And that is why I read very few blogs. As I prefer reading political sites I find the blog’s author usually has a point to make, then the discussion thread becomes the battle of the halfwit ranters, seeking the truth through the application of anonymous personal abuse in torrents.

    Finding blogs that avoid that is difficult.

    Obviously, I’m not one of those halfwit ranters, am I?

  2. audent Says:

    comments from the socially inept are always my favourite part of any blog (sarcasm well and truly on for that)… why do they do it? what are they hoping to gain? why should I read it?

    ah well… what can you do?

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