Californication II

November 16, 2007

Here’s a post that really does reflect the whole Californication debate quite nicely…

What I didn’t realise is that Family First is that same crowd that defended every god fearing parent’s right to beat their child. Yes, that’s right…

Sadly I see a number of organisations have pulled their ads. Funnily enough, there were so many other companies lined up waiting to take their place that I know of one company that came away disappointed that they couldn’t get an ad in.

Personally I’d be looking for a journo group to sponsor the show. “Californication, brought to you by the right to freedom of expression”.

Kudos to Anke for the headline: Family First, Blowjob Later.


2 Responses to “Californication II”

  1. Mysterious Dave Mathers Says:

    I loved the line about how they went with “Family first” as a name, because “Democracy last’ though more accurate, is a bit of a downer.

    Over the last decade, seems that New Zealand has gained a number of organisations with loud voices, insubstantial membership bases, and obscure funding, who are willing to leap on top of any platform to say “The World is going to damnation, and We blame the Lesbians!”. “Maxim Institute”, “Family First”, “Sensible Sentencing”, “Insinuate” oh I mean “Investigate magazine”; I, Mysterious Dave Mathers, am talking about you.

    It reminds me of a conversation I had with a far-leftist mate of mine. He told me that the pan-lefty group meeting for organising a “Coalition against New Zealand involvement in Iraq” was running into trouble. The reason for this was there was an Anarchist group with a really long name (it wasn’t, but let’s pretend it was, the Peoples United Anarchist Movement for the Liberation of Aotearoa and Defeat of the State), that was making consensus very difficult. On closer questioning, my mate admitted that P.U.A.M.L.A.D.S. actually numbered five people nationwide, but two of them lived quite nearby.

    Now just imagine what these five people could achieve, if they could afford a press officer who could send out press releases to the MMS, and you would get the beginnings of a left wing “Family First”, possibly called “Freedom Now”, with approximately the same level of legitimacy. Fortunately, if I know extreme anarchists, the members of P.U.A.M.L.A.D.S. probably can only afford to live off bagels, caste-off into supermarket bins at the end of the trading day. Which is handy, because eating free stale food helps them not to contribute to the continuance of Capitalism.

    So, to wrap up, the dividing line between fringe loons and legitimacy seems to be a press officer. I got to get me one.

  2. audent Says:

    As a father I rail against the phrase “paternalism” but seriously, these people are apparently unwilling to let me live my life my way. They want to intercede to tell me how to do it according to their rules and that’s something I really dislike.

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