Stupid bastards

November 17, 2007

High drama here this morning. Some stupid bastard decided to have a bit of fun at the kindergarten behind our house. It’s a lovely kindy – eldest daughter went there and junior girl is due to go next year – and it’s run on a shoestring. Because we’re close we used to have a key and alarm code so when, not if, it got burgled I could go over and switch off the alarm and call the cops.

This morning someone decided to set fire to the playground.

It’s not a large playground – it has several large boxes for climbing on, some trees, a slide and so on. Fortunately it’s somewhat removed from the actual building so there’s no serious damage on that score but the police officer told me whoever had started it had also trashed some of the rest of the place too. We didn’t hear a thing.

Here’s Akarana Avenue Kindy – it’s the low white building in the middle of the picture: can’t show it for some reason.

The big trees in front are hiding the playground.

Hope they’ve got insurance, otherwise I’ll be coming back here to ask for cash donations.

What bastards.


Right, we just walked round to have a closer look. Fortunately the playground has mostly been spared but the wide deck under the trees has been totally destroyed. There’s some damage to the front porch (heat damage I think – couldn’t tell from where I was) but it could have been much much worse. If they’d set the fire on the porch instead of on the deck the whole building would have been destroyed by the time the fire crew arrived.

We’re quite lucky where we are – the nearest fire station is about 1km down the road so the appliance was on the scene very quickly. A passing patrol car stopped as well and the two officers began their work almost immediately, but I fear the ratbags are long gone.