Reviews you can use

November 27, 2007

Here’s an interesting site packed full of reviews of TV-series House as conducted by a US doctor. The reviews rate medical content, mystery, soap opera and he seems to really like the show.

It’s nice to see a review written by someone who actually enjoys TV. All too often (Diana Wichtel and Fiona Rae notwithstanding) reviews seem to be written by would be playwrites or similarly dysfunctional show ponies who don’t watch TV at all. What’s the point?


Science. Still working.

November 27, 2007

When my parents were born, antibiotics were yet to be mass produced. When I was born, the CT scanner was yet to be used on a human. In 1977 we saw the first full body MRI scan. My wife had her Stealth scan in the early 2000s before our youngest daughter was born.

What’s next to be developed I wonder?

Today the Herald carries this story (from the UK Independent) about Philips and a new generation of CT scanner. The pictures are amazing and I was stunned to see the suggestion that EMI managed to invest in the first CT scanner simply because the company made so much money from The Beatles. Who knew!

Science. It [still] works.