Reviews you can use

November 27, 2007

Here’s an interesting site packed full of reviews of TV-series House as conducted by a US doctor. The reviews rate medical content, mystery, soap opera and he seems to really like the show.

It’s nice to see a review written by someone who actually enjoys TV. All too often (Diana Wichtel and Fiona Rae notwithstanding) reviews seem to be written by would be playwrites or similarly dysfunctional show ponies who don’t watch TV at all. What’s the point?


2 Responses to “Reviews you can use”

  1. Mysterious Dave Mathers Says:

    Hmmm, I’m confused. You say here that you have found an interesting site reviewing TV, and yet I read a fascinating opinion piece called “Television does the internet” where the author wrote.

    “However, just like the dinosaur (and the video shop) network TV stumbles on, convinced it’s still alive and vital and completely oblivious to the fact that its head has been cut off.”

    Do we neeed TV reviews? Is TV going to stagger on afterall? Or is the last writer wrong, and TV is dead, and the title of this piece should be called “Torrent reviews you can use”?

  2. Audent Says:

    content … staggering on. TV networks blocking content… dead as a doornail. Cut away the deadwood and hopefully the content providers will do better.

    at least, Joss Whedon would.

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