I’ve just spent a pleasant ten minutes on hold

December 1, 2007

and in the end I gave up waiting, not because I was pissed off at the lack of service, but because I didn’t want them to come on the line and interrupt my viewing.

I’ve just uncovered the most irresponsible piece of movie driving I’ve ever seen. Forget about The French Connection (couldn’t get a permit so they filmed it anyway) or Ronin ( shame Princess Di hit the wall about the same time… good movie), this is C’etait un rendezvous from 1976. I’ve seen it before but there are a couple of versions online that really make it sing.

For those that don’t know, the French director, one Claude Lelouch, drives his Mercedes across central Paris at speeds of around 140kph to meet his girlfriend, and films the whole journey. The roads weren’t closed. The other cars aren’t aware of what he’s doing. Those lights really are red.

The best version is this one, where you can see his trip and watch the Google Map scroll to keep up at the same time. Very nice. Best to start it, pause it and let it buffer, just like the instructions say. The video’s not as sharp, but the journey is astounding.

If he drove like that down my street I’d want him arrested, but he chose central Paris so that’s OK.


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