December 10, 2007

Here’s a weird one for you… captcha sites that I like.

Captcha, for those that don’t know and didn’t know they didn’t know, is that odd little “prove you’re human” service you often find at the bottom of websites these days. It’s a way of trying to make sure the comment being left is left by a human and not by some piece of software wanting to post spam in your forum. Typically these take the form of a series of numbers/letters squashed somehow to make them difficult to read. Computers, allegedly, will find them hard to decipher.

Someone once told me that the spam industry is making use of people hunting for free pr0n to crack this. “Want to see naked pictures? First tell me what this says…” That then gets fed back into the giant Spam Delivery Computer (or similar) which then uses the information to dump forum spam into forums.


Typically they’re hard to use because it’s difficult to differentiate between the letter “o” and the number zero, or between lower case “l”, the number one and so on.

This is perhaps the best one I’ve seen. Rock on, and if I ever need a captcha set up on this site (ha) I’ll be using the dawgs.


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