December 14, 2007

well that didn’t take long. Here’s the second thing I want… I’m test driving one next month for a week. Have fun with the website – it’s quite humorous for a car site.

Is it just me or is the advertising world finally waking up to the potential of the interweb? Take Stella Artois, for example. The site is quite fun, the games are cool and I’ve enjoyed their relationship with the Rialto theatre chain and all that has invoked. The last brochure they put out included a photo that had dozens of movie references buried in it… I only managed a handful but by golly it was fun. And grown up. Well done.


One Response to “AIWFX II”

  1. Mysterious Dave Mather Says:

    I love the Stella Artois ads, it’s like watching a French period piece movie in no-time. Period piece movies are something the French really lead the World at, I can only name two French period films that were silly. Both of them looked beautiful, and as far as I can tell, they were made for Americans.

    This Brochure, I take it that it is a published item? Or is it available online? I checked the Stella Artois site. It was beautiful, but I felt guilty about using that much of my work’s bandwidth, and as I don’t have broadband at home, I may never get to see it…

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