A rake in the grass

January 1, 2008

Can there be anything more annoying and damaging to one’s shins than carrying not one but TWO tricycles down to the park?

Just too small to wheel comfortably along, and too large to carry with any grace, these dark fell beasts twist in one’s grip to bark one’s shins with either pedal or wheel. Occasionally, if the creature is in a particularly foul and vengeful mood, it will turn sharply so as to inveigle its out-rigger training wheel between one’s legs and so break one’s stride and, potentially, force one to trip and land with one’s delicate parts neatly skewered on an upturned handlebar. Very unforgiving is the upturned handlebar.

Add to the mix two small children straining at the leash to RUN down the hill to the park while Daddy trails behind and it’s a recipe for disaster. Disaster I tells you.

Now if only these guys would hurry up and get their bike into production. I’ll take one, grown-up size please.


2 Responses to “A rake in the grass”

  1. Good idea for a bike design, but while you wait here is another idea. The folks got my youngest a trike for Christmas, it has a push handle on the back for parents moving kids and tricycles at the same time. It is so wonderful, check ’em out.

    On the matters of delicates and kids, I’ve notice that no matter what seems to be happening, my kids can really hit the target, no matter what they are doing.

  2. audent Says:

    We had a trike with a push bar… unfortunately it turned the front wheel at the same time, so Someone couldn’t put her feet on the peddles. Sigh.

    and yes, small children have unnearing testicular locator capability. I’m sure it’s genetic.

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