Season Four Already Rules

March 1, 2008

and all I’ve seen is this trailer…

WARNING (seriously now): don’t watch this unless you’ve seen ALL of Season Three.

It’s Battlestar Galactica of course. Muh.

Oh, and if you want something to read while you wait to finish Season Three so you can get on with the above trailer, check out this feature about how the new BG came to be.


5 Responses to “Season Four Already Rules”

  1. Mysterious Dave Mather Says:

    Still not looked at this series. However, my wife, who was desperately trying different programs to find a substitute for ‘Firefly’. Or to be more accurate, more seasons of ‘Firefly’. I suggested that what she was really missing was Joss Whedon, so try ‘Buffy’.

    This was a hard emotional step for her, as we had both made fun of a former flatmate, who had watched the TV version of ‘Clueless’, ‘Buffy’, and ‘Xena’ on Friday nights. We called it his ‘Blonde Schoolgirls’ night. He was offended.

    Well, she was hooked by episode four, and as our neighbour has the entire series on DVD, my wife is trying to get through them at a rate of two to five episodes a night.

    So, even if it was good enough for me to forgive the 70s Lorne Greene ‘Battlestar Galactica’ (it would have to be pretty good), I will not get a chance to see it until God-alone-knows.

  2. Audent Says:

    I too am a Buffy fan… and have all seven series here. If she’s hooked by episode four then wait for series three when the original cycle of stories have panned out and they had to get really creative.

    That’s what makes me so ANGRY about Firefly – I wanted to see what happened after the obvious stuff had been written.

    Are you watching Buffy? I ask only because if not you’re missing out on the coolest geek in the world Alyson ‘We’re Not Worthy’ Hannigan. Willow… mmmm.

    Besides, that’s the beauty of DVDs. I can send you the miniseries and the first three full seasons and you can hold tight until such time as you can get five minutes to watch.

  3. Mysterious Dave Mather Says:

    Actually, Giles is turning into a favourite. Something to do with card catalogues. To be honest, I’m only paying attention when something fun happens with the characters, otherwise I have other stuff to do. For example, the episode where Giles almost got laid. There was some unspeakable horror from Giles’ past that also occured, but all I really remember is Giles almost, but not quite, got laid. I must agree that Alyson Hannigan was very well cast.

    I agree about’Firefly’. Now I see where ‘Buffy’ started, and I have heard where it ended up, I can only say that ‘Firefly’ started so much better and who knows where it would have ended if it had a bloody chance?

    Actually, my mate/neighbour has all of ‘Buffy’on DVD, but thank you for your offer. In a few weeks my wife will be jonesing for ‘Angel’ though, and she isn’t sure where to get at the moment. But thanks for the offer.

    P.S. Part way through season 2 all I can say, Spike is a better villain than season 1’s ‘Master’…

  4. Audent Says:

    oh Spike is an excellent villain… and just WAIT till you see how it all turns out.

    I didn’t get into Angel but I’m reliably informed it’s as good… it was the lack of Alyson that made me look elsewhere.

  5. Mysterious Dave Mather Says:

    I see…

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