Does my tag cloud look big in this?

March 5, 2008

I installed the tag cloud (right) to see what I was writing about. I know, bass ackward.

The bigger the word, the closer to the middle it is, the more I write about it.

It turns out I’m obsessed with Nicky Watson.

So in order to prove that I’m not a sili-cone (arf arf) I give you the Great Cab Calloway himself.

That’s one of the things I really miss about Napster. I managed to find three different versions of Cab singing Minnie the Moocher. One, live, from the 1930s when his voice was rich and chocolaty. One from The Blues Brothers of course and one from Sesame Street.

Yes, it’s true.

So here, for your viewing pleasure, are a couple of clips of Cab doing what he did best: mooching.

and then go see this one (can’t embed it) to watch Cab’s mother give him shit!

and one to really make you think.

8 Responses to “Does my tag cloud look big in this?”

  1. Mysterious Dave Mather Says:

    So if I mention Cab Calloway a few times will he move up the ranks? Which is good, cause I like Cab Calloway, and his jiving story of drug taking.

  2. Audent Says:

    Beats me how Teh Cloud works (must be magic) but given that both Cab and Cricket have popped their clogs it seems only fitting they receive at least equal billing IF NOT MORE!

  3. Mysterious Dave Mather Says:

    Let us not discuss the other matter then. Everytime I watch House, I enjoy it, and I also marvel that the central character is being played by Hugh Laurie, who also produced the definitive Bertie Wooster.

    I love his Oxbridge/Drones’ Club takes on Cab Calloway tunes. I can’t play this video at work, but I guess it is not Bertie’s rendition of ‘Nagasaki’.

    Calloway also did ‘Nagasaki’, and Bertie singing “Back in Nagasaki, where the men chew tobaccy, and the women whimmie-wacky-woo” was pretty funny.

  4. Audent Says:

    Hugh Laurie is in a celeb band (“Banned on TV”) and they have the most downloads in iTunes for Minnie the Moocher. Apparently.

  5. Mysterious Dave Mather Says:

    I’m not surprised he got some sort of recreational band going, Laurie’s pretty damn musical. Oh, and he rowed for Cambridge (winning a blue), and he’s written his novel (unlike the rest of us, and it has reprinted a few times), and he’s working on his next novel, and he’s been fairly successful as a comedian.

    And then, there’s the acting…

    One of those annoying individuals that make you wonder ‘What the hell did you exactly do with your life?’

  6. audent Says:

    he’s also slightly depressive… apparently (according to an interview I read online so it MUST be true) he realised he was prone to depression when he was parachuting over the plains of Africa (or similar) and wasn’t really enjoying it much or really feeling much of anything.

    Must say I don’t like the photo of him TV3 now uses to promote the show. He’s got one eyebrow raised, looks a little TOO Wooster and Jeeves and appears to be about to say “Golly!”

  7. Anoushka Says:

    I know the one you are talking about, I hadn’t seen that until now.

    The difference is in the eyes though. House, self obssessed genius: Bertie, pure white mind, largely unsoiled by human thought…

  8. audent Says:

    Bertie is a classic of his kind though. Vacuous, vacant, venal… all the good V words, although I fear my spell chucker has decided to get American on me. Bah.

    What would Jeeves say?

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