Still sick

April 4, 2008

and now my PC has got it. Blah.

I called the doctor (Dr Kyle) and he came and got it back on its feet, so I rushed out (well, staggered, with much wailing about being in me bed, me bed) and bought a fancy new external hard drive from Duck Smuth’s. Plugged it in with every intention of dragging all content over to safety but now all I get from the PC is either a fan trying to break the sound barrier or a strange beeping noise warning me about something.


The manual for the hard drive is funny though. It’s a Seagate Free Agent (500GB for $199. Can’t say better than that) and the first step is:

“If you need further information about any step, please refer to the User Guide located on the hard drive. If you choose to sit and stare at your new FreeAgent TM for a while, that’s okay too.”


Is there a doctor in the house?


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