Take my love, take my land

April 11, 2008

No seriously, take my land…


Here’s the opening sequence, just because I can:

and then, for your viewing pleasure, “the hijinks that ensue”.

No, we believe you. No hijinks whatsoever.

But then, I think we should call it “your grave”!

That one’s not so good, so here’s Nathan’s magic trick:

which is funnier, but really we all know Book’s brains are in danger.

and I really miss Book.


3 Responses to “Take my love, take my land”

  1. Mysterious Dave Mather Says:

    I miss them all, but I really wanted to get Book’s back story as it unfolded at a proper pace.

    Fox – so stupid.

  2. Lucy Lowe Says:

    I Love, Love, Love, Love Love, Love, Love Firefly. Just, Love.

  3. audent Says:

    Just watching the opening credits made me misty eyed again… and then very VERY angry at Fox.

    It happens every time.

    That last clip above (with Book and River) just makes my blood boil, but now I’ve watched it a few times I’m starting to just enjoy it for the fun it is rather than want to go visit some Fox executives and beat them about what passes for their brain. Ah well. Here’s hoping Dollhouse is a riot.

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