What he said

April 21, 2008

Keith Ng has launched in on the debacle that is The Listener’s approach to handling the media and done so with far more aplomb than I’ve managed so I’ll link to it here.

Favourite quote:

Clearly, there’s some very sophisticated irony at work here. A climate change publication is accusing a media organisation of shutting down a voice on climate change. The media organisation then gently convinces said climate change publication to STFU, and to announce (in the manner of those convicted by Soviet show-trials) that the media organisation is in no way shutting down voices on climate change.

Brilliantly put, Keith.

And Stephen Price (journalist-lawyer, a new hybrid I was previously unaware of who presumably can say mean things in print and then defend himself in court, thus earning more than the 40c/word freelance rate, OH the irony! ;-)) points to the legal side of things and the D Word: defamation.

“The correction and apology looks ham-fisted to me. It even includes a retraction of things that weren’t even in the post.”


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