You know you’re getting old when…

May 7, 2008

the guy who cuts your hair says “Would you like me to tidy up your eyebrows?”.

I did not reply: “Touch my eyebrows and die, old man” but I’m not sure why not.

There’s nothing wrong with my eyebrows. They’re perfectly fine at doing… well, whatever it is eyebrows are supposed to do. They don’t need tidying. It’s not like they’re someone’s bedroom or the back yard or anything. They’re eyebrows. They don’t meet in the middle. No mono-brow, caterpillar for me. I have two. See? One, two.

Whatever next? Will he ask to trim the hair in my ears?

Have I become a hobbit?

Next time I’m going elsewhere, even though this guy a: is close (about 20m from the front entrance to the building where I work) and ii: has a vacuum cleaner thing that he uses after he’s shaved your head to suck up the loose hairs. Interesting use of technology, I thought.

Eyebrows. Seriously!


5 Responses to “You know you’re getting old when…”

  1. Har, yeah I was getting a clipper cut a coupla years ago at a fairly ‘old school’ barber, and with only a wink, he stuck the clippers in my ear! Ok, it’s hairy in there but still. I would have been really hacked off if it hadn’t felt so good.

  2. Mysterious Dave Mather Says:

    Last hair cut, my hairdresser didn’t even ask. She just said “Hang on, I’ll just get these eyebrows”. It turned out for the best. I did look better.

    I think as we age, men do turn into hobbits. It’s nature’s way of informing the public at large we are now too old to be considered as potential mates by healthy young women.

    Could be time to find me a wittling stick, and a porch… you could come an’ visit some I reckon…

  3. audent Says:

    The hairy toes I can cope with but the trimming of the ears… When they do that it’s time to hand over the keys to youth and take out a lease on the Honda Odyssey of Decrepitude.

    Or is it a Toyota Esteema? I hate those things. With the curtains. And the mirror on the back.


  4. Rob Says:

    The barber doesn’t even get a chance at my eyebrows – your sister-in-law pounces every couple of weeks with tweezers and scissors. The woman can be both persistent and obnoxious when it comes to man-scaping tasks…

  5. audent Says:

    There is nothing I can say about that. Safely.


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