Now that’s more like it

May 19, 2008

See, a little bit of faith and The Swede delivers.

Still not sure, but now I’m not sure as in “WTF is going on?” which is generally how I like my entertainment.

Can you see the pitch in the limo with the Fox exec though?

JS: Got a new show for you.
FF (Fox Fuckhead): Yeah? (chews cigar to other side of the mouth) Does it have any aliens in it? (FF sniggers and ends up coughing juicily for a bit. You know he’s working on half a lung).
JS (calmly): No, no aliens. But it’s got girls. And they have no memory. They kick your ass on a mission and then you wipe their mind and they start over again the next day as someone new.
FF: Sounds like my first wife.
JS: Think Alias but with a science fiction twist. Joe 90 meets Alias.
FF: I’ll think about it. But really what we want is a musical comedy that features animatronic hobbits. Hobbits are big right now. Maybe we can bill it as The Hobbit meets Electra, will that work?
JS: No.

and so on. Although to give them their due, the FF this time round does at least appear to be a bit more stable than the whackjob who greenlighted Firefly then crapped on us all from a high height.


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