It’s a bit quiet round here

June 5, 2008

Sorry about that. Been busy. Y’know.

So I went to Wellington to talk to a TechHui about social media. Well, I’m not sure they wanted me to talk about social media but I did anyway. Serves them right for asking.

It seemed to go well, and when R2 gets the video up I’ll link to it. Oh look, there it is. Almost. That’s the live stream and since I’m not there any more… well, I’ll link to the dead version once it’s stuffed and mounted.

The Hui consisted of teachers and final year kids who were looking to head out into the Wider World and wanted to know what they could be doing in the IT and Comms sector. I didn’t realise that was the brief till I heard the other speakers talk… whoopsie!

The kids were good – lots of interesting questions. Couple of grumpy ones from teachers about data prices… fair enough really.

Then off for lunch with Mysterious Dave, who isn’t that mysterious (sorry Dave). Steak, red wine (a glass of warm pop for the old man) and not quite enough room for the bread and butter pudding, which we ordered anyway.

Oddly, in our stroll around central Wellington, we discovered an adult store on almost every corner. They weren’t selling adults either. Quite odd.

Good bookshop with a very knowledgeable chap who was perhaps the first pleasant book peasant I’ve come across (don’t you find in second hand shops they treat you with the contempt you richly deserve because… well, I’m not sure why but they do. Maybe it’s just me). I’ll get Dave to tell us where it is.

The following day I had to give another talk on social media (see my cunning plan here) to the Magazine Publishers Association. This was great fun, despite (or perhaps because) my twisting my neck rather badly that morning and stupidly taking one of my Synflex pills. They’re big, they’re blue and they do the job quite nicely. They do the job they’re supposed to, which is relax your muscles, and so it was as I walked up to the podium I began to feel the effects kick in. Much like walking through treacle, I made it through the talk and then went home to bed. Quite bizarre.

Fortunately my presentation (“Will Vogue be on Facebook in 2012?”) centred around the idea that it won’t be, if only because today’s technology sucks.

To prove my point the laptop wouldn’t talk to the projector and I was forced to adlib for the first five minutes while a brave man rummaged around under the software hood looking for the loose lead. One reboot later I was off and running having just proven my own thesis.

My position isn’t that Vogue (or all magazines) won’t be on Facebook (or social media in general) but rather that Facebook won’t be in vogue (damn, wish I’d thought of that on the day) by 2012 and that magazines need not worry so much about social media on laptops/PCs eating their market but that a whole raft of new social media mediums (?) are on the way that will divert their readers. Cellphones. The One Laptop Per Child programme bringing decent hardware to the masses of masses, and so on.

The OLPC is gorgeous and the new $75 one is stunning.

I want one of those more than I want an iPhone.

Oh and I showed them an Apple ad for Facebook on the iPhone which is cool.

Right. Enough rambling from me. Onward and upward. See you back here in, what, a fortnight?


4 Responses to “It’s a bit quiet round here”

  1. Mysterious Dave Mather Says:

    Of cause I’m not that mysterious. Just type ‘Mysterious Dave Mather’ into Wikipedia and see where it gets you. And I finished my bread and butter pudding my friend, even through the mocking of my non-alcoholic choice.

    The bookshop we went into is ‘Arty Bees Books’, of which there are two branches. We went into the Manners Street branch, and where as a bit further down the road is the Courtney Place branch. Odd really. But not as odd as the Adult shop on Cuba Street which seemed to be reaching for the bulk discount market. Kind of like a Bunnings for the sexually adventurous. I can hear the radio advert now. “Need advice with your weekend project? Step into ‘Adult shop Mega’: our friendly staff are always ready to give a hand.”

    For the benefit of the gentle readers of this blog, neither Audent nor I entered this establishment.

    As for your talk: how did the message “Things are changing so much that you all aren’t just out of date, you are so far out of date that your entire model is going to collapse” go down with the crowd?

  2. audent Says:

    I modified it somewhat… was a lot more gently put than originally intended. They all looked so young!

    We did manage to convince them (I think) that they would be likely working in industries or at least in jobs that hadn’t been invented yet. That made them sit up a bit.

  3. Stephen Says:

    You should have stoppped in and said hi…

  4. Audent Says:

    Next time (Thursday!) I shall… Mind you, having said that, it took two goes to catch up with Mysterious Dave. The first trip became a Day Trapped In Meetings.

    But Thursday seems to be Wellington Day for some reason so I’ll drop you a line when I know my timetable. This time I’m going to hear Vic Uni design students Talk About The Future, which should be cool.

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