Shell’s new TV ad

June 5, 2008

It’s apparently the most expensive TV commercial ever made – roughly NZ$5million for two minutes. I like the ad, don’t get me wrong, but when I first watched it (sound off, naturally) I didn’t realise it was for Shell petrol for quite some time.

See for yourself:

The first half of the ad I thought it was clearly for some kind of eco-friendly stunt the petrol company was pulling. “See what the world will be like without any people in it” kind of thing. There are scenes that are straight out of Wil Smith’s I Am Legend (a shame the ending sucked – good film, that could have been great. I’m a big fan of Big Willy but dude, that ending sucked out loud) and you get that whole The Quiet Earth post apocalypse sensation.

Instead, it’s an ad for a new kind of petrol. Right. One that’s not made out of fossil fuel? No, the dinosaurs are still in your tank.

It’s somewhat unnerving, I think, to see a petrol company showing an ad for what could, potentially, be the last car on the planet.

But it’s a cool ad. It reminds me of a comic I used to read as a lad: Tiger and Scorcher. In it I would catch up on the weekly events of George, the rally driving mini and Roy of the Rovers, although he took his left foot off to his own publication (and ultimately had it amputated in the final ever issue) and of course Billy, the boy with the magic football boots. But one of my favourites was Skid Solo, who drove a car that looked just like that Ferrari. He was cool and he was a good three or four years before Han Solo stole his name.

Oh, and Han shot first. I’m sorry, it’s just stupid the other way.


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