Boom De Yada

June 28, 2008

That’s all I have to say really.

Well, that and this of course.


(PS – Stephen Hawking rules, as do Mythbusters and Randall Munroe)

PPS – Having watched the clip about oh, a million times this morning, some things become apparent.

Firstly, the words don’t necessarily synch with what’s on the screen. For example “I love when great whites fly” is sung over pictures of an orca (which I recently discovered is a kind of dolphin not a whale at all) while De Niece tells me that’s not magma but in fact lava. Does this say something about the validity of Discovery Channel TV shows? I don’t know.

And secondly, I really don’t mind. It’s fun.


2 Responses to “Boom De Yada”

  1. Ben Kepes Says:

    Nice post – and I couldn’t agree more, the detail is secondary to the concept which is, of course, that we live in a big world with myriad mysteries to discover, uncover and explain.

    Thanks for posting that….

  2. audent Says:

    It is very cool, as is hearing my three year old shout “BOOM de yada” at her mother when asked to eat her greens… not sure anyone else appreciates it quite like I do though.

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