Prince Caspian

July 2, 2008

Went to see it last night with Da Niece. Very well done.

PC was always my favourite of the novels. It was the one I read first and it cemented my love of diving into the middle of a story and thrilling to hold all the threads in my mind as I sort them all out one by one. Who are these children? Why were they kings and queens of old? What’s with the lion? And so on.

There’s quite a bit of cool stuff in the movie as well. The way they transition from WWII London to Narnia is great and I’m delighted to see them arrive in the mythical land via … Cathedral Cove on the Coromandel.

I’ve long believed New Zealand is something of a mythical land but this really cements it. There’s something very cool about living in a place other citizens will look upon as being other worldly. New Zealand certainly fits that bill.

The acting is great too. The four children do very well (the kid who plays Peter is channeling Lady Diana’s hair, but that works. If William is half the king this guy is he’ll do alright. In fact, if this kid had played Anakin Skywalker, you’d really believe Darth Vadar could have grown out of him instead of that wimpy whiny little shit that he was supposed to be. Oh, so THAT’S why Anakin grows up to be Darth Vadar – scourge of the galaxy. Because Obi Wan was a bit gruff with him. Right) and the guy who played Trumpkin did very well. Some great dialogue there.

And Caspian himself... well, the role does call for a bit of a drip, but he plays it well – heart on the sleeve exactly where Caspian should be.

But the whole thing was won by Reepicheep who was, as in the books, excellent.

I wonder, given the joint directorship, who would win in a fight: Puss in Boots or Reepicheep?

The movie was, I think, stolen entirely by the CGI bear however. The little wave is … a classic of scene stealing. Not bad for a virtual actor.

Edmund was always my favourite character and I’m glad to see he gets a good run in the movie. And the lad who plays him is the great great something great grandson of Charles Darwin! OMG! STFU! etc.


2 Responses to “Prince Caspian”

  1. karen Says:

    *laughing at myself*

    I read your entry and thought ‘Wow my eldest niece is doing well to go and see that with you…’ until I slowly realised you took YOUR niece, who isn’t my niece at all!

  2. audent Says:

    LOL. Was a good movie though. Think she enjoyed herself!

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