Lisa Owen

July 17, 2008

Tony Veitch has quit his job. This is a very good thing.

I met Tony several years ago.

I also worked briefly with Kristin.

That is all I have to say on the matter, except you should all go at once to check out Ethical Martini’s comments about Lisa Owen, something I do want to talk about.

Lisa Owen is exactly the kind of journalist you want reporting your news. Here’s a situation where her bosses clearly don’t want to comment on a situation involving one of her colleagues. She asks her boss for a comment and gets nothing. She asks the Big Boss for a comment and gets a bland statement. So what does she do? She serves them with an Official Information Request.

TVNZ not only refused to comment but didn’t want to run the story and when it did finally tackle the issue, it used Michelle Boag to apologise for Tony’s behaviour and John Tamihere to say nice things about him. Spin doctoring at its finest.

Lisa, you deserve the Qantas this year for that one single story, no matter what else happens this year. My hat is off to you – you’re the kind of journalist I always aspired to be and I’m glad to see you’re alive and working in New Zealand despite everything that’s going on in journalism these days.

More power to you.

Garth George, you can rot in hell. I know you won’t be reading this blog post because it’s on the internet and you don’t do virtual. Feel free to have someone read it aloud to you.


5 Responses to “Lisa Owen”

  1. Matt Cooney Says:


    But come clean — with your change of career, who is the kind of spin doctor you now aspire to be like? There are more of them than journos these days so there must be a few candidates around …

  2. […] George be taking? His NZ Herald column on Thursday 17 July was all over the place. I agree with Audent on this one and here’s why. What I can’t understand is why such a huge fuss is being […]

  3. audent Says:

    More candidates doesn’t mean more quality though… And far fewer journos these days too! I’ll stick to rating the reporters. Much more fun.

  4. Mysterious Dave Mather Says:

    After your desciption Audent, I find myself applauding Owen, she really is good. She went well out onto a branch to get this story, but she won’t get the Qantas (but what do they prove anyway?)for a story so much media wants buried as soon as possible.

    And Garth George is a strange angry man, who should retire having past his use by date long ago. I don’t expect much of him, and the last time he surprised me was an article which he wrote where after reading a few speaches this year he came to the conclusion that the Green Party did have some important points to make in parliament.

  5. […] one, Lisa. Don’t forget to enter again next year. Posted by audent Filed in Uncategorized Tags: best news reporting award, film and television […]

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