The Olympics

August 18, 2008

Despite my self induced boycott of the Chinese Games (that and I’m no sports fan AND it’s on in the middle of the night) I have caught the Olympic Spirit.

Favourite moments so far: Mahe puking his guts and then going on the radio to say he now knows his physical limit is a lot higher than he thought and he can really push things now (way to go with the positive key message and I’m glad I don’t have to race against him in anything).

I missed the trampolining, which is a shame because I do like a good bounce. Instead I watched the synchronised diving which is … odd. And oddly fascinating. The two Chinese guys looked like clones. The two Russian guys looked like robots. The two British guys looked like Morcombe and Wise.

For some reason after the women’s synchronised diving they film the girls taking a shower. They’re still in their swim suits, but there’s something very … voyeuristic about it.

I watched all the footage of Big Foot winning every single swim meet, and was duly impressed (or dully, depends on where you put the emphasis), but my favourite win so far is the 100m men’s sprint, won by that mad Jamaican who stopped pushing it about 30m out and coasted (COASTED) to a world record run. Simply astonishing.

Read this story for a real taste of the Olympics. All politics aside.


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