August 19, 2008

I’ve just finished playing Portal and it rocks.

It’s not your typical first person shooter – far from it. Instead, you’re a test subject (think rat in a maze) trying out a device that punts a portal in space that you can step through. Need to get to that high ledge? Put an exit up on the ledge and then an entry on the wall in front of you and step through.

The game is a series of puzzles designed to test your lateral thinking skills. With limited information you slowly figure out how to open doors, move through mazes, activate levers and so on. It’s really good.

All the while, the robot voice is telling you lies. You know they’re lies – typically they’re about how good it will be when you finish and they give you a cake – and they can be quite annoying but in a funny way.

But by far my favourite part of the game are the laser turrets that try to kill you. And while they’re trying to kill you they chat away in a sing-song voice. It sounds like this:

and here’s a clip from the demonstration they did at a games conference some years ago.



2 Responses to “Portal”

  1. ikebana Says:

    Humm ! it is an intelligent game.


  2. audent Says:

    It is gorgeous. Slightly manic, but bags of fun.

    I’d rather run around using the portal gun in HL2 than the gravity gun. That’s got old now… move along.

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