Large Hadron Collider

September 12, 2008

This story gives a great background piece on the LHC, why it’s important, why spending GBP5bn on a device to look for “the god particle” is a good thing and why we should all stop fretting and learn to love the CERN.

CERN is perhaps the only hotbed of pure science research in the entire world. Where once we used to relish the opportunity to dream about the world about us, now it seems if there’s no direct application, you should forget about it. Too costly, too pie in the sky.

Instead we should focus on building a slightly better dishwasher, a slightly lighter material for our cars, a slightly more efficient way of propelling our cars.

If we’re going to take a quantum (ha) leap over what we know, we need to be exploring the world we don’t know. Dark energy makes up a huge percentage of the universe around us. Why is it dark? Because we haven’t got the faintest idea what it is.

The Victorians believed they discovered everything discoverable and that science was pretty much done. Are we saying the same thing?

EDIT: Check out the webcams… very entertaining.


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