End of an era

September 18, 2008

The Tangy Fruits are no more.

So to are the Snifters (who have snuffed it, in a great sub-head on Stuff).

And Jaffas… well, you’re on your last legs.

Cadbury has decided to shut down production of these LEGENDARY cinema-going treats, presumably in favour of more watered-down chocolate products (is it just me or is NZ chocolate more milky and less chocolaty than its UK equivalent?). I have no problem with more chocolate, but hey, Tangy Fruits… come on! What else can I lob at the kids in the front row who won’t shut up during the movie?

There’s nothing like a Tangy Fruit in the back of the head to really focus the mind.

Rolling Jaffas down the aisle has often been quoted as the great Kiwi movie experience, however when I arrived in country (back in the day) it was Tangy Fruits all the way. Something to do with the little plastic tubs they were sold in and the lids. Movie watchers would desperately struggle with the fierce and protective lid, trying to open the treasure trove with stealth and ending up (half the time at least) dumping the contents onto the floor where they would begin rolling down under the seats (where the carpeting didn’t reach) and clattering their way down the theatre, row by row, generally to great applause.

So long, Tangy Fruits. Let’s hope it’s only TTFN TF, not RIP TF.


7 Responses to “End of an era”

  1. Mysterious Dave Mather Says:

    A wail of horror arose in my work place over the death of Snifters. They are workmate Helen’s favourites, and as a pregnant woman her wishes should be considered.

    They couldn’t rule out Jaffas! What is a movie without Jaffas: a sad incomplete event.

  2. audent Says:

    Second year at Uni – NZ film studies exam. To avoid a repeat of the previous year’s debacle (“You have ten minutes reading time.” “Excuse me, but the entire exam is ‘watch the movie and review it’ so can’t we start now?” “No! TEN MINUTES READING TIME”!) the lecturer turned up to supervise the supervisors (qui inveigle ipsos invigilator?).

    With a giant bag of Jaffas! Which he proceeded to pass around the entire exam room.

    The invigilator huffed and puffed and he waved his hand and said “You cannot watch New Zealand cinema without Jaffas” and that was that. The lights dimmed and The Quiet Earth began. We all cheered and someone at the back rolled a couple of jaffas forward and we cheered again and settled back to watch the film.

    Best exam eva.

  3. Mysterious Dave Mather Says:

    Sam Edwards, a gentleman in the extreme.

    My workmate Helen, and her friends have started a badgering campaign to restore the Snifter on Cadbury’s website.

  4. karen Says:

    I’m horrified and speachless. New Zealand icons are there for a reason: so ex-pats have something to buy when they return home. I now have one less reason to come back to NZ to live, shame on you Cadbury. Shame Shame Shame.

  5. audent Says:

    And to make matters worse I read today that chocolate is actually grown and harvested by child slave labour in Africa!

    It’s chocolate! My god, it should be pouring over the nougat waterfalls and pooling besides green meadows where bunnies flumpf and bumpf and cavort.

  6. Mysterious Dave Mather Says:

    Are there Oompah-Loompahs in your vision?

  7. audent Says:

    There are always Oompa Loompahs, regardless of whether it’s a chocolate-related vision or not.

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