I Am Legend

September 26, 2008

And not just in my own lunchtime either.

Actually I’m talking about the Wil Smith movie based on the novel.

The movie sucked.

OK, that’s a little harsh. The movie has shades of greatness about it and I like how Wil Smith plays the Last Man On Earth (see also Bruno Lawrence) but the ending, boy, the ending sucked.

It sucked out loud.


Our hero, who isn’t much of a hero (and that’s the way I like them) blows himself up to save the girl and the boy and to destroy his Arch Foe the guy with the stretchy face.

Girl and boy drive off into the sunset taking his fix-um syrup with them to presumably some kind of post 28 Days Later life of happiness.

This was wrong on so many levels but mostly because it didn’t let us see that the bad guy had become more than just a villain but was in fact capable of love and a great deal of humanity.

You see, the novel is all about the last human in a world of vampires. By the end of the novel, he has himself become the monster while the vampires build a new society around him. He is legend, because he’s the creature that haunts their dreams, that takes their young, that drinks their blood (well, performs medical experiments on them) and so on.

The book ends with the hero realising what he has become and killing himself.

The movie version (Will Smith’s version, which is the third) ends in a suicide but without the realisation and that really ruined it for me.

However, as the littlest Jedi once said, “There is another”.

Another ending. One I missed because I watched the DVD and not the extras.

Here it is. I can’t figure out how to embed it so you’ll have to click through and follow.

Sadly, it seems they’re going to make a prequel and given that I Am Legend is mostly flashbacks, that seems a tad pointless and money grubbing to me. But hey, what do I  know?


7 Responses to “I Am Legend”

  1. niece Says:

    After 28 days later was 28 weeks later in which the infection came back and zombie-fied all of France and therefore probably mainland Europe.
    Mum thinks it’s scary. but thats just Mum.

  2. audent Says:

    I’ve got that here to watch but after seeing the opening sequence, I’m too chicken! EEEK!

    What’s your favourite zomebie movie? Mine’s Sean of the Dead. Very funny and quite sweet as well, with guts of course.

  3. Mum Says:

    *cough* I don’t think that “28 Weeks Later” was that scary *cough* But I will admit that “I am Legend” almost made me crap my pants. Not that the premise was all that scary, but that I jump easily at horrors so I was very jumpy.

    The niece’s Step-Dad and I have been reading her zombie book, “World War Z”, it’s astonishingly good.

  4. audent Says:

    terrifying… almost as good as the opening sequence to 28 Days Later itself.

    of course, Bruno did it best… If you’re going to set the post-apocalypse anywhere it should be 1980s Hamilton.

  5. Mysterious Dave Mather Says:

    If you are going to set a post apocalypse movie in Hamilton in the 1980s, you would have to make sure it had a happy ending, otherwise, why would it be in Hamilton?

    My favourite zombie movie, out of a very limited field, is ‘Shaun of the dead’ (correct spelling), and not just because of the DVD extras like ‘The man who would be Shaun’, it was so good it made me think I should watch the ‘Living Dead’ series…

    Although, I haven’t watched ‘28 days later’, Mrs Mysterious Dave assures me it is very good.

  6. audent Says:

    Oh, 28 Days Later is excellent… a good zombie movie with just a few dude moments. 28 Weeks puts the eek back in week.

    I might cough cough include that on the next courier run since I forgot to include a certain other file in the hot package.

    hey, this is better than email!

  7. Mysterious Dave Mather Says:

    Hey, no troubles Audent.

    Sounds like on the whole, all the courier packages will add up to good-times for Mysterious Dave.

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