The best godsdamn SF show on TV

October 17, 2008

is Battlestar Galactica, hands down.

Even better than Doctor Who (and I love the new Who).

Even better (and I’m going out on a long delicate limb here) than Firefly (if only because there’s four seasons not one).

Who else would (SPOILERS) get them to Earth and do that to them, eh?

Bloody brilliant. Can’t wait for the next ten episodes.


9 Responses to “The best godsdamn SF show on TV”

  1. Mysterious Dave Mather Says:

    You are all alone on that limb my friend. Sorry, I still rate ‘Firefly’ the best SF series. Even though it is also clearly the Greatest-Series-Never-Made. Curse you Fox! It could have been beautiful.

    ‘Battlestar Galactica’ is extremely good though, a very credible second. But I have re-watched ‘Firefly’ more than I have re-watched BSG.

  2. I think you’ll find Blakes Seven is the greatest SF show on TV. Ever.

  3. audent Says:

    Brrr, big call there sports… I’m almost convinced by Dave’s argument (and doesn’t FF owe a lot to Blake? The whole “let’s drug the population into submission” for one thing) but I’m afraid I lump FF into the “Best SF TV series that COULD have been” category…

    Perhaps I should modify it a bit – best SF show on TV at the moment (even though it’s not on and won’t be for yonks in NZ. Bah. Stupid TV network dinosaurs).

    I’d like to see a sequel to Blake’s Seven more than a remake… but I hear they’re going with a re-imagining, which is very popular currently.

  4. audent Says:

    Ooh Ooh! Firefly is, of course, the best Gorram SF show on TV.

    how’s that?

    Bring Back Zen, that’s what I say. The Liberator is the coolest starship of them all. Apart from the stairs (clump clump clump) it was properly alien. I do like the new Galactica (aircraft carrier) and I’m partial to the Serenity but that’s more a love thing. To move fast and kick ass, it’s the Lib all the way.

  5. Mysterious Dave Mather Says:

    Ahhh, Blakes Seven, it managed to be a good watch even with some of the worst special effects that an intermediate school’s film club could ever produce.

    Now, I was very dubious about watching BSG, because I remembered the clunky Centurians and the rest of it from the 1970s. However, having seen what a reimagine can do to that BSG, if Blakes Seven got remade with that kind of vision, it could be a real contender for top series, simply because it starts from a higher base.

    Big call though, it would need lightning to strike twice in studios agreeing and some real imagination being used. And/Or some former Whedon/Buffy/Angel writers to reveal themselves as massive Blakes Seven fans.

  6. audent Says:

    Don’t forget Joss Whedon finished high school in the UK at about the time Blake’s Seven was on. He knows, and he’s used bits and pieces in his other shows.

    And there was talk of the Beeb giving it a go in much the way BSG started up – with a miniseries first to test the waters.

    Haven’t heard anything for a while though. The whole Cold War/Big Brother taking over Earth might not be acceptable in the UK any more.

    but by golly I’d like to see them give it a go.

  7. Ro ages the chances of B7 making a comeback were about as good as Travis’ munted eye.

    There have been a few failed attempts, BUT this year SKY in the UK comissioned a couple of scripts.

  8. BisonBalls Says:

    I know I am a little late coming into this conversation but I have got to agree with audent here.
    I finally watched BSG episode 4 of Season 3 last night.
    Seeing Galactica come out of FTL within new caprica’s atmosphere and launch the vipers while falling like meteor toward the planet surface was a great moment in sci-fi. Then to top that off seeing Galactica going head to head with several cylon basestars and then when all was lost the Pegasus blasting into the fight guns blazing…. and setting ramming speed to take another couple down…… best ever…..

    What a cracking episode!

  9. audent Says:

    Thank you Mr Balls.

    that has to be my favourite episode so far… when Adama says “we’re going to get our people back” you really believe he will. And by the shitz he does. FTL into atmos. Love it to bits.

    ah, it’s all on from here too. The rest of season three then ten episodes of season four. Pace yourself, that’s it till after April.

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