A little willow

October 23, 2008

Alyson Hannigan and Alexis Denisof are up the duff.

Now if this was an episode of Buffy the baby would be part demonic, there would be an etheral component (I’m thinking otherworldly lights, a pentagram of some kind, drippy candles) and probably a kidnapping by evil forces (a coven of hags drooling over the little pink cheery tubby baby).

It would end well but you’d be left with a sneaking suspicion that Dawn was deeply jealous, that a rift between Buffy and Willow was being forced ever wider, that Giles was actually rather good with children and that Xander and Anya’s comic moment (when Anya was forced to discuss demonic diapers) points to Bigger Issues.

Or I could be projecting. Either way, happy news.


3 Responses to “A little willow”

  1. Mysterious Dave Mather Says:

    You forget, the father is an ‘Angel’ actor, so in the interest of fairness, if the impregnation had happened in an ‘Angel’ context. It would have occurred in the fourth series while Wesley was slightly drunk, and self-loathing with a woman he should have shown more sense over, owing to her obvious demonic ties.

    Angel would be too distracted by his own issues to pay close attention for half a series.
    Cordie would be both enthusiastic, but weirded out a bit by it all.
    Gunn would be either high fiving Wesley or glaring at Wesley about it.
    Fred would smile and try to remain supportive.
    Lorne would plan to coo for the child, with a seabreeze in his hands.

    And, of course, Wesley would be perplexed by how it happened, and engage in hours of research in dark tomes trying to find a precedent. And then stand in grimly wondering whether he would have the courage to do the necessary thing when the time came.

    Finally, it would inevitably turn out that Wolfram & Hart had contractually bound the mother before she had even clapped eyes on Wesley. In the end the mother wouldn’t even be sure if their had been additional demon interference in the pregnancy, and would be alternatively evilly triumphant / racked with guilt over how low she has fallen in the humanity stakes.

    Just a guess…

  2. audent Says:

    Exactly. I was thinking Series five or six of Buffy but you could rewind it (what does Flynn think to it all? How does Cordelia react!) but that’s my optimum Buffy level.

    I wonder what they would have done on Firefly with Zoe’s baby… hmmm.

  3. Mysterious Dave Mather Says:

    Cancel the series even harder, because they are Fox, and they hate all good things!

    Personally, now Alyson Hannigan is pregnant is great news for the couple. But the real news I can’t get quite out of my head is an extra on the Series Six DVD, after the episode ‘Doublemeat Palace’ a week or two ago where the cast and crew discussed their first real jobs.

    In that extra Hannigan said that her first real job was serving counter in a video store. And that video store hired out a great amount of porn. I think for emphasis she repeated ‘a lot of porn!’

    I simply can’t believe it could be possible. Try imagining some bloke walking up to a pre-first series Hannigan, with her enormous innocent brown eyes. Can you imagine that man say “I want to hire ‘Lubbly Jubbly Wobbly Wubblies 4’ and ‘Naughty night cop: back on the beat’. It going to be a big Wednesday night in!”?

    No, I think you’ll find you can’t imagine it. It’s just wrong. I can imagine the look of disappointment on her pale face just afterwards, but not the question itself.

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