Journalism on the web

October 31, 2008

This is what it should be like… use of the medium to tell the story in a way that’s comprehensive, inclusive and multi-media.

I was honoured to be asked to help judge last year’s Qantas Media Awards and I got the jewel in the crown (in my opinion) of online news story.

It turned out to be fraught – almost every entrant took a newspaper story and bunged it online and said “There, it’s an online news story”. Only one reporter made use of the medium and did more.

Helen Malmgren at the NBR wrote a wonderful piece exposing some nastiness. She didn’t just write it, however, she made use of sound files, links to relevant documents and legislation to tell the story.

You could feel the quality of the research. Nobody else came close.

This BBC report is along those lines – it draws on more than just text, more than a funky graphic to really tell the story in a way that only TV reenactments could do previously.

Also, I see Dave Lee, blogger extrordinaire who visited New Zealand earlier this year and came to give a talk on social media to the Vodafone senior staff, has scored a real job. He’s now the co-editor of the BBC Internet Blog.



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