TV shows that drive me down memory lane

November 14, 2008

And I’m sure some of you too, but probably not the Kiwis since you didn’t get most of these.

At about 4 o’clock in the afternoon the TV would play five minute shows when I was a kid.

First off, Roobarb and Custard:

I liked the first lot but something happened to the later shows and they weren’t as funny. I’m not sure why but the animation was always what attracted me to the show. That and Richard Briers’ voice.

Then we had The Clangers:

I always liked the Soup Dragon. Odd really.

Bill Bailey came through New Zealand a few years back and we all went to see him and it was hysterical but when he did this piece on The Clangers the Kiwis were very polite but had no idea what it was all about.

I wet myself laughing.

Then we have Mary, Mungo and Midge which started each episode with this intro:

I remember one where Mary broke her arm. Actually it was just a wee chip but by crikey she made a meal out of it.

Yes. Fingerbobs. The least said about that the better.

And then there were the longer shows, like Follyfoot (based on novels about horses by the granddaughter of Charles Dickens no less):

but by far the best of the bunch (in terms of titles) was Flashing Blades! Dubbed! From the French!

As I recall, the show wasn’t nearly as good as the opening sequence and bugger all ever happened.

Then there was learning to be had: this show had a grown up who couldn’t read!

There are many others (The Double Decker Bus Gang… Champion, the Wonder Horse) but to finish with, guess which decade this comes from. Bet you can’t.

Good times.


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