November 26, 2008

is off the agenda. Apparently.

That’s right, the only intelligent show on TV(NZ) is already buried at some ungodly hour on a Sunday morning and now… it’s surplus to requirements.

For the love of- What are they thinking? It can’t be expensive to put on. I was on it once (many years ago) and received a nice bottle of wine for my troubles but still…

I had a lovely barney with Theresa Gattung on the show. For those that don’t know, the format was – guest interviewee comes on, gets asked some questions by the host, goes off and then the panel of media types (that was me) dissect their answers.

It’s a tad unfair, I’ll be the first to admit.

So, after the interview, we did our bit. I called for more regulation (something we’ve since got) and for the Com Com to have more powers (something they’ve also since got) and then when it was over went back to the Green Room to get my stuff.

The Green Room at TVNZ. It has couches. It has a TV. It has a coffee monster in the corner. It’s small and somewhat crowded but I’ve spent a bit of time there so it’s not intimidating.

It also contained one Ms Gattung who had stayed and watched our response to her interview and who was wanting a word or two with me.

I always liked Theresa, although I think she disliked me with a passion. I’m quite sad about that but I’m not going to be bullied and I wouldn’t stand down from a fight.

And so it was that we sat thigh by thigh on a tiny two-seater couch and had the biggest barney we’ve ever had. How can you say that? she demanded. It’s perfectly reasonable, I reposted. It went on for quite some time.

After she’d gone, the producer poked his head back in (everyone else had stood there pretending not to watch but eventually just giving up and gawping) and said “Golly, we should have just filmed that instead!”

So, the only intelligent show on TV, barring the odd moment.


2 Responses to “Agenda”

  1. Mysterious Dave Mather Says:

    Obviously, as a fellow with family commitment through out the weekend, what with little Dave and Davey-boy, I simply didn’t have time to watch Agenda on Sunday. Because it was on at a stupid time. Also, having discovered how satisfying it is to follow series on DVD, I really don’t want to waste time watching a series of ads, linked by some bits of programme.

    I feel it is mostly likely that a programme, which depends on intelligent discussion on mildly complex matters just doesn’t fit with what the powers that be think the public want. After all, TVNZ must be ready to cross live the moment Nicky Watson loses her next dog.

    And once more I’m forced to the internet to get discussion on matters worthy of public attention…

  2. audent Says:

    I try to lower the tone of the internet as much as possible (in my own humble way) but frankly TV is just pushing the boundaries of minimalist news coverage so much that it’s difficult to keep up!

    Honestly, one show, once a week that’s not emotional indigestion dressed up as “current” affairs and they can’t find budget for it?

    And yet NZOA will fund Dancing with the Tards. Amazing.

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