December 16, 2008

It appears I have too much. My GP (gawd bless ‘is soul) has given me three months to reduce my levels or face going on The Pill. I presume he’s talking about statins but we’ll find out in time. Not for nothing is he known in certain circles as The Unprescriber.

And so, faced with three months of scoffing at least 25gms a day of a certain margarine, I read with interest about a low-cholesterol alternative for Christmas.



6 Responses to “Cholesterol”

  1. Mysterious Dave Mather Says:

    What now? He wants you to reduce your cholesterol now? It’s the middle of Boozetember for God’s sake! How can you marry the privations of this Quack’s command with the directive you have to be festive until some point in January?

    Soon, we will all have to look back and remember how you were, not how you suffer right now.

    As for you going on the pill: are you sure your doctor’s vision is up to standard, or his hearing?

  2. Mysterious Dave Mather Says:

    Strange, the link above should be but it worked the first time.

  3. audent Says:

    I’ll ban you. I think that’s the best approach to this thread.

    Clearly he either does not know of the Journalist’s Creed (thou shalt drink December away on someone else’s expense account) or he does know of the Journalist’s Creed.

    (Deliberately chose journalist’s over journalists’ to emphasise that I refer only to my self. Hardly any journalists drink any more. They simply don’t have the time).

  4. Mysterious Dave Mather Says:

    Ban me for quoting you? Goodness me – this must be on the internet.

    Anyway, happier topic. Saw the ad for the ‘Watchmen’ movie Sunday morning(both Davey-boy and Little-Dave were at the grandparents. Mrs Dave and I went to the picture theatre.), it looked great. Not sure how the script will fit the plot of the comic into a movie, but the film looked as if it came straight from the comic’s panels.

    I think you could enjoy some unbuttered, unsalted popcorn while watching that movie.

  5. audent Says:

    Must say it does look like they’ve got it right… that looked much better than I expected, although given the way the stuff up every other comic he’s done, I won’t hold my breath.

    But happy to be pleasantly surprised.

  6. Mysterious Dave Mather Says:

    Sure they could stuff it up, but it has to be better than ‘Australia’. Saw the cinematic ad for that movie as well…

    … gosh it looked bad, but colourful.

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