Yoo Hoo, New Who

January 4, 2009

Never heard of him. AND he’s younger than me. And he’s a fop. And… And…

And he’ll be excellent.

Look at those hand gestures! He’s clearly born and bred to play The Doctor in some secret BBC experiment (what are they doing with Porton Down these days anyway?). I suggest he was raised in a vat and that his secret birth date is (in fact) not coincidentally the same time they cancelled the series.

I haven’t seen this year’s Christmas special episode yet, but I’m delighted (DELIGHTED) to report that it includes someone who thinks he’s a future Doctor, come back to help out an old incarnation. Delighted because it proves to me that the writers do understand time travel and because I’d written about just this myself in a previous blog post. Ha!

Clearly I should be hired at once, flown to Cardiff to join the writing team. I can be contacted quite easily should anyone wish to send me a plane ticket.

Also, Tennant rightly points out the obvious: there’s no closed door when it comes to his Doctor.

All told, it’s a win-win.

EDIT: And having watched some of the footage of the interviews, I find the headline I came up with (independently and, I have to admit, somewhat obviously) was used by some red top newspaper in the UK when Tennant took over the role. Clearly a career in newspapers is writ large in my future as well.


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