Modern Warfare 2 confirmed for Xmas

March 13, 2009

I’ve played Call of Duty V: Yet Another WWII Beachead and I loved it. It was cool, it was nasty, it was different from all the other WWII games but it was still WWII…

I played COD IV: Modern Warfare and it was FABULOUS. From the pulse pounding opening sequence on the sinking ship (ZOMG!) to the nuke going off (HOLY ZOMG!) to the race against the clock to the after-titles fun, it was a fantastically well put together game and I can’t think of a single dull moment in it. My only problem was that it was too short. So too short.

Now there’s a sequel and it’s due out by Xmas (that’s De$ember for you in the retail trade):

Activision CFO Thomas Tippl confirmed today that Infinity Ward’s shooter will definitely be arriving this holiday season and is, apparently, “looking incredible.”

No detail but all the news I need is contained right there. Mmmmm. Gaming goodness.

EDIT: and thanks to WordPress auto-generated related links, I found that Infinity Ward has a Twitter page set up so you can tell them what you’d like to see… I just like watching the new suggestions roll in. That’s cool.


One Response to “Modern Warfare 2 confirmed for Xmas”

  1. Mr. Dobbs Says:

    Woot! Can’t wait.

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