Sam Rockwell: Moon

April 10, 2009

I’m a science fiction fan. Sadly, most of it isn’t real SF at all… it’s sci-fi (pronounced “skiffy”).

That is, it’s space opera, it’s cowboys with ray guns, it’s aliens gibbering and spaceships swooshing and… and…

There’s nothing wrong with it, but it’s not the be all and end all of SF. Yet for some reason it’s the only kind that gets made into movies these days.

That’s not quite true – the other kind is the thoughtful psycho-thriller/horror like Alien or parts of 2001: A Really Confusing Film.

I like them, and here’s another one to add to the collection. Sam Rockwell in Moon.

This looks awesome. I will pay good money to see it, probably repeatedly.


Can I just say I’m tired of “man alone in the environment” SF movies. And “emotionless voice is his only contact” SF movie plot points. And “with only two weeks left our hero blah blah blah”.

I can well imagine this film will overpower such nonsense and wrestle it into submission, but all the same every time anyone goes into space it seems they’re accompanied by an ancient evil/robotic nutter/psychotic colleague who will make a difficult mission impossible but will no doubt shed some light on the human condition before the end of my box of popcorn. See also, Solaris, Mission to Mars, Sunshine, et al.

So I’ll watch it, but I’d really like some other kind of SF some time soon.

EDIT: the poster is really cool and I’ll stick a link to it here, but the moon is not ever 950,000 miles from Earth. It’s about 250,000. Sorry guys.


2 Responses to “Sam Rockwell: Moon”

  1. consumist Says:

    I’d agree with your comments about current SF movies. I’ve just finished the latest Peter Hamilton book ‘The Temporal Void’ – which is space opera. Hamilton’s books would make great films – if you haven’t read them check them out. If you have an iphone you can download them on eReader – The Temporal Void isn’t out in NZ yet.

  2. audent Says:

    I’m a big fan (Loved the Reality Dysfunction novels) and I’d be happy to plunk down my cash to watch them on the big screen so long as they keep the space sex!


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