Modern Warfare 2

June 11, 2009


Modern Warfare 2.

Must have.

World War II is all well and good but I’ve stormed the beaches, I’ve taken the pill boxes, I’ve pushed on through the rain in France, I’ve shivered in the snow in Moscow and I’ve flame thrown bunkers. That wasn’t much fun, the last bit. It was grim, it was (get this) too realistic.

I’ve enjoyed it all but there’s nothing like the kinetic madness that is Modern Warfare, whether it’s storming the boat in the opening sequence or crawling through radiation in Chernobyl to take out an arms trafficker… the whole thing was gloriously cool (including the special after-the-titles sequence which was ace).

And now it looks like it got a bit better still.


5 Responses to “Modern Warfare 2”

  1. Mysterious Dave Mather Says:

    I have still to get the box running that will play Empires: Total Wars.

  2. Juha Says:

    Computer games are not safe… stay away… danger!

  3. audent Says:

    Beats working for a living.

    Currently playing Oblivion (A first person shooter that’s in a fantasy setting) but sadly it should be called Oblivious because they seem to miss the reason people play these games: fun.

  4. Mysterious Dave Mather Says:

    Which begs the question: why are you playing it?

    I inherited an old X-box recently, it has a bunch of games on. However, almost none of the games are push and go. Most have a prolonged tedious ‘movie’ about who you are and why are you doing this. So long are the prologues, I go find another game.

    Seriously, whatever happened to ‘see spaceinvader -shoot spaceinvader’?

  5. I can’t wait till Modern Warfare 2 is released! Just a couple of months now :p I ordered the Prestige edition ^_^

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