July 7, 2009

It’s been a while. Sorry about that. Had body painted girls to cover up, corporate ships of state to maneuver into laying along side, possible outbreaks of swine flu (she had a cold) to consider and general lethergy to take into account.

Meh. It’s a blog. What are you gonna do?

On that note, the holidays.

School holidays, to be precise.

They’re upon us.

A colleague of mine (and occasional correspondent) says he’s been informed that Her Indoors is taking the kids to the In laws for a couple of days during the holidays.

Cunningly, Mr X (for that is his birth name) has booked a day off work without making mention of this to his wife.

Is he conducting an illicit affair? Will he spend the night out with The Boys?

No, he’s after one thing and one thing only:

a lie in.

That’s right, he has to book time off work so he can luxuriate in that experience we call “sleeping until you wake”.

I can only agree, it’s a gorgeous idea and quite a tempting one. The downside is that Someone will find out he’s got a day off and hasn’t:

mown the lawn;
sorted out the dripping shower head;
painted the ceiling in the lounge;
updated his blog;
journeyed to the in-laws to partake of the family cheer, etc,

and he’ll be in a world of hurt.

So Very Tempting.

I do get a lie-in each week. On the Saturday morning I get to stay in bed while Mrs Audent gets up and tries to coral the children. Sadly our house has the main bedroom off the lounge, so despite all best endeavours all I can hear is children scrapping, whining, fighting, moaning, watching TV, not watching TV, eating breakfast, making a mess, refusing to eat breakfast, getting told off and, occasionally, standing in the corner.

I love them to bits but a lie in… mmmmmmmmmmmmm.


6 Responses to “Holidays”

  1. Dawn Says:

    And what’s the betting that he’ll wake up before his normal alarm time and not be able to get back to sleep?

  2. audent Says:

    But it would be on his own time! In his own way!

    actually, that happens to me most Saturdays (my lie-in day). I wake bright eyed and angry as a beaver because I’m Not Asleep!

  3. Juha Says:

    I knew it was a cover-up.

  4. Robyn Says:

    Take your lie-ins when you can get them. As someone who can lie in on every Saturday and Sunday, I highly recommend them. The lie-in will reward you with happiness, which will then give you the motivation to fix the dripping shower head. Uh, when I say you, I mean Mr X.

    • audent Says:

      Oh he’s definitely not me. I wouldn’t have thought of it… but now…

      He’s out today – back tomorrow. I shall quiz him on it.

      The lie-in is no lion. Why does that keep running round in my head?

  5. BisonBalls Says:

    I am Mr X and I did get a lovely lie in, thanks very much! Apart from the Cat being a pain in the A#$ at 6.30am. I had to get up and boot him out. I then went straight back to sleep and the next time I opened my eyes it was 9.00am.

    What a great way to wake up. All by myself no help from the noisy bed side clock radio or the family. No kids all happy and jumping around, no wife in the ear. Peace and quiet….oh the joy…. simple pleasures aye!

    I then chucked the electric blanket back on. Nipped upstairs and made a cup of tea. Then retired back to bed for a cuppa tea and a quick read.
    That was awesome as well.

    Still no one in my ear and no noisy kids.
    Don’t get me wrong I miss them, but it is sheer bliss sometimes when they are not there.

    I had in advance organised a mate of mine to come around. He said he would grab breakfast on the way.
    Mmmm a coffee and a bagel would be nice, I thought. But bugger me he showed up with KFC. A 3 piece pack with potato and gravy.
    I thought it was a little early for such things but I am never one to turn down a free meal.

    We then indulged in some practices that are talked about in hushed tones behind closed doors…

    Yep you got it. Geeky Goodness! We played some PS3 games followed by a couple of games on the computer and a movie.

    What a cracking day. My wife is none the wiser so I didn’t get any of the old “why didn’t you take a day off and spend it with me and the kids”
    Everyone is happy. I recommend it.

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