Preston Guild

October 29, 2009

Hmmm… really should post more often.

Big sloppy kiss to a: anyone who can tell me about the title of this post and b: anyone who reads this.



7 Responses to “Preston Guild”

  1. Nate Says:

    I’ve read it, pass on the kiss thanks. 🙂

  2. Ben Kepes Says:

    Preston – market town, Lancashire

    I read your post, I’ll pass on the kiss….

  3. Paul Brislen Says:

    Ah but what is/was the Preston Guild and why is it relevant?

    For added bonus sloppiness… naturally.

  4. Ben Kepes Says:

    textiles manufacturing….

  5. Libby Says:

    Hey Mr Bris – i regularly drop in to check up on what you’ve been up to. you have been very quiet indeed!! no idea about Preston Guild, just wanted to say hi. See you in two weeks!! Lib x

    • audent Says:

      Hey! Yes, sadly Twitter’s eaten my ability to write more than 140 char-

      well, almost.

      Looking forward to lunch. We have many gossips to catch up on.

      So, the Preston Guild – it’s a fair (of sorts) held once every twenty years or so in Preston. So in Liverpool to have something happen “once every Preston Guild” would imply a certain gap between events.

      Much like my blog posts. Few and far between.

      Obscure much?

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