I hate TV ads

July 28, 2009

I really do. They get in the way, they’re usually too stupid for words (Auckland Glass will never see a dollar of mine. Never) and they get muted the minute they appear.

And yet, a good TV ad is really good. The UK has some of the best, and I’ve chucked a bunch of good ones in here (bunnies!).

This irks me. How can I find ads that I actually enjoy? Is it just the comparison with crap ads that makes them enjoyable? I even like the Fold ad that Vodafone produced:

(we’ll claim it as a local ad even though it was thought up by a couple of Poms and filmed in Australia. It’s as Kiwi as I am) and the bit I really like is that the whole thing hinges on the actor’s ability to do sleight of hand and so drop the things he folded without making it obvious he was doing that. Brilliant – without him, the ad would suck.

Fair Go did a piece on the making of the Fold ad which you can watch here.

I don’t know what Spike sells but I do like these ads.



Such a pleasant game

December 12, 2008

It’s not often you can say that, given the kinds of games I usually play, but this is lovely and not just because of the bunnies (nobody tell Anya). It’s the music I think.


Hat tip: BisonBalls.

PS – I do like the new WordPress control panel and the quick post box is a great idea, but could we just add the “link” button to the list of controls that are available that way? Almost every post I put up has a link in it.

Just a thought.

I also notice that one of the other recurring themes of my blog appears to be, well, bunnies.

Yeah, what’s it to ye?

So while Anya is scared of them, and Wallace and Gromit (from whence the blog title comes) had an issue with them, I quite like them. Usually in a stew.

Here, for your viewing pleasure, is The Exorcist, as performed by bunnies. In thirty seconds.

Don’t say I never give you anything.

The Making of The Bunnies

February 4, 2008

As I’ve said elsewhere, I love a good stop motion. Sorry, that doesn’t read well. I love a good stop motion animation. Much better.

The Sony Bravia bunnies ad is one of my favourites and this is the Making of the Ad. I can’t quite believe they filmed it in a single day. Nice.


Ah, the interwebs

December 18, 2007

and the mash-up. I love it.

Take this – first we have the Sony Bravia ad with the bouncing balls. You know the one. Here’s a reminder:

Right. Nice ad. Better than the paint one that followed, not as good as the bunnies one. What will they do next?

(And speaking of Sony (as an aside) how many ways can the company stuff things up while still being cool? The Sony Viao is the coolest (non-Apple) laptop on the market and has been for years. The PSP is a gorgeous wee handset device, (with Wi-Fi!) but Sony doesn’t push the movie disks like it should and games are not forthcoming. The PS 3 is a super computer in the lounge with 12 processors and the ability to recreate the universe (just like the Genesis device in Star Trek II: The Wreck of Khorn) but is losing the battle to the Wii because it’s overpriced and bloated. And don’t get me started on the cock-up that was the Sony CD rootkit disaster. What a bunch of monkeys. But I digress.)

So here’s a rip-off “tribute” ad from the UK that does a nice job of following the trend:

And now there’s this from Battlefield 2. Anyone who’s played a first-person shooter will recognise the bunny hop as the stupidest but most useful tactic in the surge forward at the start of a multi-player game. Not only do you avoid having someone with a faster connection run into you (or for you to run into a slower player and get stuck) but hopefully you can avoid someone sniping from distance by doing something really stupid.


And if that YouTube fest didn’t pickle your haddock, try this one: Sony PS3 versus the Wii, as told by Apple:

I love it, I really do. Is it the effort that’s put in? Is it the staggering amounts of labour required to get the finished product on the screen?

Or is it that they fool us so completely into thinking that the puppets are moving and alive and have emotions and can make us laugh and smile all while really being a series of still poses captured as moving picture?

Grommit says a lot without saying a word. Morph always made me laugh as a kid and now the Bravia bunnies are gorgeous beyond belief.

I’ve already blogged about how cool the bunnies are (for everyone except Anya of course) and now there’s a making of the bunnies vid. Enjoy.

OMG Bunnies

October 16, 2007

My question is: what would Anya think? Eh?