Serious post now.

My children have begun playing video games on the computer. Currently, this is the source of some friction in my house as the main PC has died a death, meaning we have TWO children fighting (literally at times) over ONE laptop.

The laptop is old and antiquated so they can’t do much with it (the clockwork handle can be something of a chore when you’re not yet four) but they do like to play games and here’s where my problem arises.

The noise alone is driving me nuts. I mean, seriously, who wants to listen to Beethoven or Brahms or worse still, Bach. Darn you, Little Einsteins (TM) website with your Learning and your Education.

And then there’s Winnie the Goddamed Pooh. That’s right, the yeller feller himself, who insists on them learning the alphabet and how to count. My god, who are these people and why are they interfering in my life? I’ve got a three year old who can count to 13 unaided. What do they think will happen when my turbo-charged brat arrives at school, eh? The teachers will go berserk!

It’s no better with the older one, who is six, who now knows how to formulate an argument and to hold her own in a debate, much to her mother’s “delight”. Oh yeah, she’s also discovered air quotes so she’ll say things like ‘Dad, it’s time for you to make a “decision”.’ which is closer to the truth than I’m comfortable with. Today she has decided to become a ‘TV “reporter”, which actually makes my old print reporter’s heart glad.

No, I’m afraid it’s time to take a stand. Children should be seen and not heard. Won’t someone think of the damage they’re inflicting by educating my children before they start to corrupt young minds with all this learning. And what about the TV producers? My two won’t sit still for something facile and banal and if television can’t do pointless, mindless garbage, where will we be?

I’m in the bedroom…

November 13, 2007

hiding from the kids who have, for some reason known only to themselves and the cosmos at large, gone troppo this morning. Demanding, whiny, irritable, bursting into tears and shouting for no apparent reason. See what they’ve done to me! Gah!

Also I have four minutes before I need to log on to a conference call to the UK (I always think of that as The Uck for some reason. Not sure why) so I should be gathering my thoughts but instead I’m blogging. It’s what we do instead of thinking some days. Heh.

Damn, they’ve found me. Bye for now.

Principal’s Award

November 5, 2007

So I just got a call from my eldest daughter (five and a half going on 21) who has been sent to the principal’s office at school.

Oh Noes!

But fear not, she isn’t following in her father’s stellar yet somewhat wayward footsteps with regard to the schooling system. Instead, she got an award for her writing.

This is her second such award – the first one was for writing LOTS of creative stories. I can’t tell you how cool that is.

This one is about her new bunkbed and how she’s sharing with her little sister but she has the top bunk.

She’s taking the whole “being the big sister and being responsible” thing quite seriously which is so lovely to see. There’s the odd slip, but she’s just loving it. She’s even making her little sister welcome in what was previously Her Room And Sanctuary, so that’s cool.

Now to get her little sister to sleep through the night without demanding to go back to her room (which now houses the computer). It’s a work in progress.