This one’s for you, David

February 21, 2008

aka Cricket Revisited.

Aka The Day the Story Died.

Here’s the video. I … can’t … say any more.

OK, just a wee bit more. Here’s my original rant and I have to say I see no signs of journalism in New Zealand recovering from it. The malady, not the rant that is.

The David Bain release was bad enough as far as journalism goes (nobody, not one of the country’s leading reporters, even hinted at asking “Why did you kill your family, David?” or even “Did you do it?”. Not one) but I feel the final nail was driven into the straw on the camel’s back with Cricket.

As it were.

Anyway, all I can really say, David (Slack, not Bain) is I went to join the revolution and all I got was a nasty case of sunburn! What’s that all about?